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For restaurant operators: Establish compliance, transparency and pay equity with a tip committee

Establishing a tip committee can be a valuable tool in achieving compliance, transparency and equity for your restaurant
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October 16, 2023
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Our guide to tip committees, see below for a template to get started

As an employer in the service industry, establishing a tip committee can be an excellent way to facilitate a direct tip system for your employees. Not only can a tip committee help to ensure transparency, fairness, and compliance with regulations around gratuities, but it can also help to improve employee morale and reduce the risk of disputes.

In the service industry, gratuities or tips are an essential part of an employee’s income, and it's important that they are distributed transparently and fairly. Employers must also comply with regulations around gratuities, to avoid legal issues and penalties. Establishing a tip committee can be a valuable tool in achieving these goals.

Transparency is the principle and the foundation of tip committees.

Transparency is key when it comes to gratuities. Employees should know how the tips are being distributed, and customers should be aware of where their tips are going. A tip committee can help in ensuring that the gratuities are distributed fairly and transparently. The committee can establish rules on how tips are pooled and distributed, which can be communicated to both employees and customers.

Enabling fairness is the first step to employee loyalty.

Fairness is becoming an increasingly important aspect of gratuity distribution. The tip committee can ensure that all employees who contribute to the customer experience are included in the gratuity pool. This includes employees in the Front of House (FOH), Back of House (BOH), and management. The committee can also ensure that multiple factors are taken into consideration when determining the share of gratuities for each employee.

Transparency and fairness make a positive impact on morale and retention efforts, saving businesses in the long-term.

Create a positive impact on employee morale. 

A tip committee can also have a positive impact on employee morale. When employees feel that they are being treated fairly and transparently, it can lead to increased job satisfaction and motivation. It can also reduce the risk of disputes among employees regarding gratuity distribution, which can lead to a more harmonious workplace environment.

There have been instances of lawsuits in Canada regarding unfair tip distribution in the service industry. For example, in 2016, a group of servers filed a class-action lawsuit against a chain of restaurants in British Columbia, alleging that the restaurant was unlawfully withholding tips and misusing gratuities.

Similarly, in 2019, a former server filed a lawsuit against a restaurant in Ontario, alleging that the restaurant was illegally taking a cut of servers' tips to pay for breakage and walkouts.

It is important for employers in the service industry to establish fair and transparent tip distribution policies in compliance with provincial employment standards and regulations to avoid legal disputes and maintain positive relationships with employees. 

Employers should consider establishing a tip committee to help ensure the success of their business and the satisfaction of their employees. Access our template for a collective agreement template to get started with a tip committee below.

Access our template for a collective agreement template to get started with a tip committee below.

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