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Spend & earn cash back on your online purchases. Shop at brands you love and automatically get rewarded.

How rewards work

1. Shop the magic link

2. Earn cash back

3. Cashout

Cash back on brands you love

and so many more!


Got questions?

What is Today rewards?

Today Rewards is a cash back program exclusive for Today members! Members can shop from selected brands and gain cash back when they use our magic link and their Today card to complete the purchase.

How do I earn cash back?

It's simple, just follow these 3 steps! From your app, open Rewards. Choose any brand you wish to shop from and click the magic link to shop directly from the retailer. Pay with your Today card & get rewarded!

Cash back is not instant yet. It may take up to 15 days for cash back to be reflected in your account. But, we're working on fixing this soon - stay tuned!

How do I sign up?

We can't for you to start earning! 🤗
Here's how you can sign up and start earning:
1. Go to your updated app and click on Rewards
2. Log in with the same email/mobile number and password that you use for the Today app
3. Follow and complete the registration process
4. And done! You can now fully enjoy Today Rewards!

Where can I access Today Rewards?

Today Rewards is available on mobile and on desktop. Just access it in your app or access the Today Rewards portal on desktop.