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King Taps restaurant
King Taps restaurant

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Spend & earn cash back on your online purchases. Shop at brands you love and get rewarded.

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Finally, a budget you can make in 5 seconds and actually stick with. No more spreadsheets, no more guilt, no more money anxiety. It's like therapy but, for your wallet.

Create a monthly budget with allocation to categories

Track expenses by categories

Get monthly or weekly insights on your spending habits


Reach your goals with auto-save 💰

Whether you're saving for vacation or for your dream house, set up as many savings wallets as you want, then turn on auto-save and watch your goals grow!

Check out what our Goal Getters are saying about their financial wellness journeys and how Today Goals helps them reach their dreams.

The results of my savings are tangible, easily viewable, and are well presented with my progress.

Ryan Reed

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"I remember blowing my cash from my tips in easily less than a week. But I find now it's easier for me to save money. "
Kasa Moto | Chase Group
"When I had cash it would be easy to view it as a little bit of spending money. Now that it's digital I'm actually saving."
Jack Astor's
"It definitely makes me want to work harder. That might sound weird, but it's because i have that money instantly. You know that's a really big thing for me."
Earl's Kicthen + Bar
"I was curious at first cause I don't know what to do with my cash. Now I've been really loving it... It just gets loaded and I don't need to pay attention to it."
King Taps
"No one really uses cash anymore. We tap, tap, tap. Now I have a card for that. Less is more, and I'm all for it."
"It's so convenient, I think that's the number one thing for me."
Earl's Kicthen + Bar

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Got questions?

What does Today do?

Today was designed to serve up instant access to your gratuities. Plain and simple. Your employer can pay out all credit and debit tips to the entire team instantly, without the use of cash. Now we do it for virtually any earning or wage the goes from employer to employee. The money is directly deposited to your mobile wallet in the app, and you can spend your funds immediately using the card. No more waiting for your money 🙌

How will it benefit my financial health?

Cashflow management isn’t just for businesses, everyone could use a little help. Today gives you faster access the money you’ve earned so you can cover any expense that comes your way.

Is my money secure with Today?

Yes. Your money is held in trust. We use bank-level security to encrypt and secure all of your personal information.

Sounds great, what’s the catch?

Only thing we want to give you is money in your pocket at the end of your shift. That’s why your Today mobile app and card are absolutely free for you. No fees to spend your money (just like cash). And if you need to cash out IRL, stop at on our network ATMs for free. Only pay a small fee if you need to transfer to an external account.