Tip calculations and
distribution, simplified.


Simple pricing for
companies of any scale

Billed monthly
$69.99/ location per month
Customize your tip distribution
Automate your workflow
Improve your margins
Payout your staff digitally
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billed annualy
$59.99/ location per month
Save 15% with the annual plan
Customize your tip distribution
Automate your workflow
Improve your margins
Payout your staff digitally
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The other way

Tip Share Method

Based on the rules defined by your team, tip earners like Servers can share their tips with other team members like Bartenders, Cooks & Hostesses. Give a percentage of total tips or net sales.

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tip calculations.

Meet the needs of your restaurant, assigning unique rules for each role in each service. You have complete control over how the tips are calculated and distributed. Plus, you can edit the tip rules any time you want.

Flexible custom rules

Reduce errors, save time

Improve your margins

Eliminate spreadsheets and cash


Quick, Accurate and Transparent

Once the tip pool is paid out, your employees can check the important details of the tip breakdown, which include the hours they’ve worked, the points they qualified for and how much tips they have earned for the service.

Automate and simplify the heavy work

Run a compliant tip program

Full Transparency = happy employee


Seamless plug
and play

Our software communicates with your POS, to ensure payouts are accurate down to the cent. If there is a slight change, you can override it and it will recalculate based on the updated data.

POS Integrated

Flexible payout options

Team members are the heart of our restaurant. This program has been one of the aspects that have really been able to help us retain the team. For them to be able to go home with the money they’ve earned that night, it’s such a benefit to them.

Amadeusz Domyslawsk

General Manager

The cash payout process, especially from a F&B perspective, was time-consuming. In terms of picking up tips, it's a lot more seamless for our team members. They are so much happier now.

Aimee Normore

Food & Beverage Manager

The Today solution is definitely a time-saver, it’s very easy to reconcile the cash now. With a click of the button, the money is sent to the team members and they’re able to see it on their phones with the text message, which makes it easy.

Crystal Yeoman

General Manager