Fill last-minute shifts, instantly.

King Taps restaurant
King Taps restaurant

No more panic when someone can’t show up for a shift.

Instantly send shift call-outs to your entire staff

Access responses in real time through a centralized platform

Fill in last minute gaps in your schedule

Incentivize and reward your team by integrating Timely with Today Payments.

Award-winning solution

Avoid costly agency & overtime fees.
Easy to get started. Immediate results. 

97% staff engagement

Employees love on-demand anything, including more work hours.

95% staff adoption rate

Award-winning & intuitive design that excites staff to use. 

99% shift fulfillment

Ensure you’re always staffed up so you never miss out on revenue.

2-way live communication

Real time communication

Get instant feedback on shift call outs, so you can open and fill last minute shifts, without any last-minute stress.

The Portal

Simplified interface for managers to easily open up last-minute shifts.

The App

Intuitive app for staff members to engage with and pick up on-demand shifts.


Flexibility for employees

Employees to browse shifts needing to be filled

Employee can go into their app and pick up available shifts in realtime

Operators receive instant notification that the shift has been filled

Pair Timely with our Today Bonus feature and you have instant shift-fulfillment magic ✨

workforce software

Next level workforce management software

Take your team management to the next level. It’s about damn time.

Create multiple schedules in minutes

Save scheduling templates and drag & drop as needed

Assign multiple roles staff members to apply secondary and third positions

Time and attendance clock-in & clock-out functionality

immediate roi

Immediate return on investment

Immediately solve the most pressing challenges in your workforce and staff management operations.

Increase staff retention by 35% by eliminating over-time burnout

Increase internal shift fulfillment by 40% without incurring external labour or agency costs

Save $100k* in operating costs by eliminating manual admin work, engaging your team and eliminating inconsistent service quality

get started

Get started with a few simple steps

We'll learn about your unique staffing challenges and show you how to use the platform. Once you're set up for success, you'll have dedicated support to help whenever needed.

Take your team management to the next level.
It’s about damn time.

We work with you every step of the way. Training and support included.