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Today Financial: Our manifesto to help employers inspire today's workers through real-time payments

At Today Financial, we’re doing more than just payments innovation. We’re building infrastructure that's changing how money is used.
Today Financial
October 16, 2023
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Money innovation: the Today Manifesto

At Today Financial, we’re doing more than distributing gratuities. We’re building infrastructure that’s changing  how workers get inspired to do their best work. We leverage tech to innovate workforce management and help operators navigate this challenging landscape, all the while becoming resilient. We’re also broadening the ways our members use money to achieve their financial freedom, which positively impacts you, and the industry as a whole.

Today Financial is innovating money

The concept of getting paid every two weeks cannot work for everyone. People need access to their income to cover unexpected expenses or just live life in the present- today, if you will. For workers that live paycheque to paycheque, this inflexibility, severely restricts the choices they can make, how they live and what they can pursue.

For these reasons, alternative payment solutions are in hot demand. According to our research:

  • 95% of employees would be interested in working for an employer who provides flexible access to earnings.
  • 85% would be willing to work a longer period of time for an employer who offers early access to earnings
  • 79% would be willing to switch to an employer who offers early access to earnings

For businesses, innovative payment solutions means attracting new labour, retaining great talent and protecting profits.

Today Financial is fintech for the frontline

For frontline workers though, it’s more than just a payment. It’s really their money. It’s their means to pursue opportunities, maintain their livelihoods and access everything they need. When we innovate how money is earned, paid, saved and spent - we’re really innovating how frontline workers secure the financial freedom they deserve. That’s the really the essence of what why we do what we do here at Today Financial.

If you want to join our movement for money innovation, connect with us on Linkedin here.

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