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Financial wellness as a workplace benefit

Employees that can meet their goals, are happier, more productive and retainable.

Financial wellbeing is the new workplace benefit

According to Deloitte, 90% of Gen-Z face workplace stress related to financial issues. Trends in consumer finances indicate, it’s not always about cashflow but how we manage our money that can create undue stress.

Financial wellbeing begins with your goals

Today built a new in-app feature called Today Goals, where users can automatically save a percentage of their tips for their future goals, manage their spending with a budget and set personal limits so they can stretch their money farther. Today Goals also comes with a friendly and intuitive user interface, with helpful tips and guidance infused in the in-app messaging. This is next level budgeting, made for Gen-Z.

Helping your staff save for their future, manage their finances and establish a path to financial freedom will result in happier employees. And we all know a happy employee is a more motivated and productive employee.

Employees that can meet their goals, are happier, more productive and retainable.

Today Financial is fintech for the frontline

For frontline workers, a payout is more than just money. It’s their means to pursue opportunities, maintain their livelihoods and access everything they need. When we innovate how money is earned, paid, saved and spent - we’re really innovating how frontline workers secure the financial freedom they deserve. That’s the really the essence of what why we do what we do here at Today Financial.

Learn more about Today Goals and how we can help you retain your staff and increase productivity with financial wellbeing. Learn more here.

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