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Learn about their financial journeys and get inspired to kickstart your own path to financial wellness* with Today Goals.

*Financial wellness means the power of choice, freedom from financial stress and clarity on how to get the most out of your money.

Meet Ryan ✨

Ryan is a server who is currently in school for a communications degree. He enjoys watching football as well as organizing his co-workers' fantasy draft.

Ryan lives at home and has few expenses. He wants to seize the opportunity and save a good chunk of his money so that one day, he can purchase a home.

Ryan’s financial goals

Purchase a home

Timeline: 18 months

Amount to save: $20,000

Ryan’s strategy using Today Goals

Use Today Goals with auto-save

Allocate 10% of earnings for spending

Save 90% of earnings


How’s Ryan doing?

“I set up Today Goals about a month ago and it has been nothing but a success. The results of my savings are tangible, easily viewable, and are well presented with my progress. I get an alert each time I’m paid through the app with an update on my savings and it helps me see how far I’ve come. Saving for a house isn’t easy, but Today Goals makes it straightforward.”

Ryan Reed

Meet Josh 🚀

Josh is a bartender who doubles as a respiratory therapist. In a past life, he was a personal trainer and made the choice to go back to school in the healthcare sector.

He is a tattoo-loving travel enthusiast with $10,000 already saved, but is currently working in an unpaid internship while bartending 2 days a week.

Right now, to cover his expenses, he’s dipping into his savings, losing about $1,500 per month. His goal is to cut down his expenses and save money for his upcoming trip to Denmark.

Josh’s financial goals

Spending money for trip to Denmark

Timeline: 3 months

Amount to save: $1,200

Josh’s strategy using Today Goals

Use Today Goals with auto-save

Allocate 95% of earnings for spending

Use his paycheque to cover his monthly expenses


How’s Josh doing?

“I like Today Goals because I am able to keep the money out of sight, out of mind. My money gets automatically re-allocated to my savings goals without me having to do anything. Doing it this way allows me to control my day-to-day spending because I can only spend what I’ve got left after allocating my pay. Making a goal is super easy, and the app tells you if it's realistic or not. I’d recommend Today Goals to anyone looking to improve their spending habits and save some money!”

Josh Hauptmann

Meet Alyssa ✨

Alyssa is a server at Blowers & Grafton studying at the University of Alberta, with a major in biology. In her spare time, she coaches a girls soccer team and loves trying new restaurants, especially if they have a good dessert on the menu.

Lately, Alyssa’s been feeling overwhelmed with where she’s at financially. With multiple goals and multiple bills to pay, she wanted to find a way to feel better about her money.

She has a bad habit of overusing her credit card and is ultimately feeling more stressed about it by the day. Her goal is to save for her upcoming vacations, including two trips to Kelowna and one to Vancouver.

Alyssa’s financial goals

Save for vacation money up front rather than piling it on her credit card and having to pay it off later

Timeline: 4 months

Amount to save: $2,000
· Kelowna, $500 in 1 month
· Vancouver, $1000 in 2 months
· Kelowna, $500 in 4 months

Alyssa’s strategy using Today Goals

Created individual goals for each vacation, with set timelines

Allowed auto-save to calculate how much she needed to achieve each goal

She put savings on autopilot and achieved her first goal in 2 weeks


How’s Alyssa doing?

“I was feeling stressed about money, using my credit card to fund my lifestyle. I always felt like I owed money and it weighed on me. So I decided to give Today Goals a try using the 30 day free trial and I was honestly surprised how quickly I was able to hit my first goal when all you have to do is set it, and let the app do the rest of the work. I like how it automatically splits your money up for you, across multiple goals and takes all the thought out of managing your money. Bye bye financial stress 😎”

Alyssa Linford

Meet Jake 🎸

Jake is a bartender studying for a Finance degree. His girlfriend loves traveling, so he bought her a trip to see her favourite band in Toronto this summer.

After the trip, he realized that he spent more money than he expected to, and his credit card took a big hit.

Originally feeling stressed about the credit card debt, he realized that he could create a goal to automatically pay down his travel debt. 

Jake’s financial goals

Pay down credit card debt

Timeline: 4 months

Amount to save: $2,000

Jake’s strategy using Today Goals

Use Today Goals with auto-save

Allocate 50% of tips to spending, 50% to a travel debt savings goal

Use pay cheques on work to pay his everyday bills


How’s Jake doing?

“Originally I felt guilty about spending so much money on vacation but at the time you get lost in the moment and it just gets away from you. I was feeling stressed until I started exploring the Today Goals feature, and I realized that I could comfortably pay off my trip by automatically moving a certain amount of my tips into a goal every time I get paid. Fast forward 30 days, and I’m already more than a quarter towards my goal, and it’s super rewarding seeing the progress every time I get paid. ”

Jake Truong

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