stay updated - august 29, 2023

Important Notice:
Migrating to new account and card, upgrades to user experience.

Dear valued client,

This notice contains important, time-sensitive information.

As a Today Payments customer, you have benefited from the efficiencies and cost savings that come with our automated payments platform. It is our pleasure and privilege to partner with you to save your operation time and money. As we continue to invest in ongoing enhancements of our platform, the time has come to transition our banking partner and integrate our newly acquired processor, QRails. This transition will ensure that you benefit from further enhancements to our platform’s speed, security and efficiency.

In addition to a new account for you and for each of your staff members, we will also be issuing new cards, under our new brand, AnyDay, formerly known as Today. Please note that your portal will remain unchanged, however your members will be getting a brand new app and card.

As we begin the process of switching banking partners, members will be required to receive new cards. It is important to note that any current active cards will be replaced free of charge. All members will receive a physical, personalized card, which will be mailed to the restaurant by September 22nd, 2023.

Please be aware of key dates and actions required:

1. By August 31, 2023 at 5pm ET, you are required to disable any inactive employees and Admin/Managers from your portal. This will ensure that cards are only sent to active members, and portal access is only granted to active Admins/Managers.  Since the new cards are personalized with the members' name on them, we do not want to send cards to employees who no longer work at your establishment.

2. By September 22, 2023, as mentioned above, physical and personalized member cards will be delivered to the restaurant.

3. By September 26th, 2023, your staff members will be required to activate their new cards. As of this date, you will no longer have the ability to reload their previous Today cards.

4. The platform you are currently using to payout staff members will not change. However, you will benefit from enhanced speed, security and efficiency that come along with our new processor QRails and you will see our branding, AnyDay.

5. Your staff members will continue to have access to their funds on their Today cards and will have up to October 26, 2023 to use up any funds left on that card.

6. Any unused funds after October 26, 2023 will be issued via check by the previous bank, Bancorp, between November 27, 2023 and December 10, 2023. Please note that it is important that your team members update their address in the app, or the check will be mailed to your restaurant. Per the Cardholder Agreement, the bank will not issue a refund for any unused balance of $1.00 or less.


Got questions?

What changes for me?

As of September 26, 2023, you’ll have new funding instructions going forward, rather than using our Bancorp WIRE details, you’ll be using our Sutton Bank details which will be provided to you, once confirmed, from client services and the details will be available to you in your client portal.

What changes for our staff members?

Your members will lose access to the below items, but rest assured, the new benefits of AnyDay greatly outweigh the loss of features indicated below.

  • Access to the Online Portal
  • Access to Instant Transfer
What will be temporarily unavailable?
  • Apple/Google/Samsung Pay
What your members are getting?
  • Enhanced app speed, security and efficiency
  • Virtual cards, enabling staff members to activate and use their account immediately
  • Potential Earned Wage Access if your organization opts into this new employee financial wellness benefit - great for recruitment and retention purposes! Ask us for more information!

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