Notice of Account Closing, New Account and Card Migration


Got questions?

Why are we switching to AnyDay?

We are switching processors to QRails to bring you a better experience. QRails is a fully-owned subsidiary of XTM Inc. and a cloud-based, API-driven issuer-processor. AnyDay, our new flagship solution, is the only full tech stack provider in the market that powers Earned Wage Access.

What happens to my funds?

Your funds are fully available to use until Oct 26, 2023. After Oct 26, you will receive a check from Bancorp with your remaining balance. Per the Cardholder Agreement, the bank will not issue a refund for any unused balance of $1.00 or less.

Can I keep using my Today Card?

The Today card will be inactive after Oct 26, 2023. Between September 15 and October 26, 2023, you will receive your new AnyDay card from your employer, which will be mailed to the restaurant.

How do I switch to the AnyDay app?

You can download the AnyDay app and log in using your Today app credentials to get started.

Download for IOS users

Download for Android users

Is there a deadline for the switch?

October 26th, 2023 will be the last day that the Today app will be available.

Is there anything I should do before October 26th, 2023?

Please update your address on your Today app on file, as a check will be sent to you if there is any remaining balance on the Today card.

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