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Goal setting

Create a goal for literally…anything 🚀

Whether saving for a vacation or a rainy day, creating a goal is the first step toward financial wellness. Members personalize goals with meaningful nicknames and create as many goals as they’d like - think of Today Goals as a collection of virtual AI-powered piggy banks.

With cutting-edge, AI-powered guidance, Today Goals offers suggestions as to whether or not goals are attainable or a bit too ambitious. Our goal is to help your staff stay on track with their goals.


Put your savings on autopilot ✈️

Turn on auto-save and set contribution. Then your team can watch their money grow and the goals come to life! Every time they receive a wallet load, the funds will be allocated to their spendable & goals automatically. We believe that out of sight, out of mind is the best approach.

Expense Tracker

Keep track of spending without the guilt 🔍

We've designed a way for our members to easily categorize spending and keep tabs without the guilt, so they can still use their money when and how they want. They can also take their money further by setting limits for their spending categories. It's like taking their wallet to therapy, and we all need that.

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Got questions?

What's the price?

Today Goals is available for $2.99 CAD per month. If you intend to subscribe Today Goals for your team members as employee benefits, please contact us or fill in the form here for more information.

What's included with a Today Goals subscription?

With Today Goals, you can build a budget, set category limits, create savings goals and turn on auto-save to automate your savings. Today Goals is designed to be flexible, fun and guilt-free so you can achieve financial wellness and mental wellbeing.

What is auto-save?

Once a goal is created, you have the option to automate your savings. It will automatically split every wallet load you receive between your spendable balance and savings wallets. You can customize the split or choose from pre-determined options. Auto-save can be paused anytime.

Are the savings funds insured?

Yes, your funds are held at DC Bank which is CDIC insured.

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