3 part digital solution for cashless pay

The app

Staff's direct deposits travel instantly into their mobile wallet via the app. They can keep track of their cash, send money, and access exclusive cash-back offers.

The card

Staff can spend their money just like cash, only digital! Groceries, morning coffee, dining with friends... Basically, they won't leave home without it.

The portal

The portal is an online platform for payout distribution and reporting. Payout your entire team in less than 5mins. No cash required!

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King Taps restaurant
King Taps restaurant
For businesses

Make everyday
payday with Today

Pay your team after each shift

Simplify your record keeping

Save time & money by going cashless


Average savings per year, per restaurant
*includes recruitment & training costs

<5 mins

Average time it takes to payout


Staff who want same-day pay

For employees

Access your
earnings instantly

Get paid the same day you worked

Earn as you spend with Rewards

Send e-Transfers and wallet to wallet transfers

The Today solution is definitely a time-saver, it’s very easy to reconcile the cash now. With a click of the button, the money is sent to the team members and they’re able to see it on their phones with the text message, which makes it easy.

Crystal Yeoman

General Manager

“There was so much room back then for human error and accounting issues. Having the pandemic happened, the transition to digital tip payouts is just a no-brainer. We need to move forward.”

Andrea Roberts

Senior Director of Operations

Team members are the heart of our restaurant. This program has been one of the aspects that have really been able to help us retain the team. For them to be able to go home with the money they’ve earned that night, it’s such a benefit to them.

Amadeusz Domyslawsk

General Manager

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Got questions?

What does Today do?

Today was designed to serve up instant access to staff's gratuities. Plain and simple. So employers can pay out all credit and debit tips to the entire team instantly, without using cash. Now we do it for virtually any earning or wage that goes from employer to employee, including incentives, mileage, expenses and more. The money is directly deposited into their mobile wallet in the app, and they can spend their funds immediately using the card. No more waiting for their money 🙌

How will it benefit my bottom line?

When was the last time you looked for cost savings on your P&L? Did you notice the labour and expenses being spent on cash due-backs? If not, let's think about that for a moment. Leaving the business to pick up cash, counting it, dividing it, stuffing it in envelopes, coming on and off the floor to distribute it to the staff... It's all costing you. Hospitality businesses who make the switch are seeing thousands of dollars in savings on labour costs and supplies related to cash payouts.

How will it benefit my financial health as an employee?

Cashflow management isn’t just for businesses, everyone could use a little help. Today gives staff faster access to the money they’ve earned so they can cover any expense that comes their way.

Is my money secure with Today?

Yes. Your money is held in trust. We use bank-level security to encrypt and secure all of your personal information.

Sounds great, what’s the catch?

We want to put money in your staff's pocket at the end of their shift. That's why there are no fees accrued to spend their money using the Today Financial app or Today card (just like cash!). And if they need to cash out IRL, they can stop at one of our network ATMs for free. There's only a small fee if they need to transfer to an external account.

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